An Overview Of Our Risk Management Services

Regardless of the scope of your next project, safety should always come first. That’s certainly how we see it here at Menotti Enterprise in New York City. As a family owned and operated business, we make your project our No. 1 priority.

Menotti Enterprise specializes in a number of sectors, including governmental, educational, retail, commercial, and residential. Learn more about the services we offer below.

Risk Management

Risk management is all about identifying potential on-site risks and developing a plan to prevent future ones from occurring. Whether you’re in need of site safety management, concrete safety management, or certified health and safety technicians, Menotti has you covered. See how our proactive approach can result in decreased violations and stop work orders issued, legal fees, and insurance premiums.

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Construction Management

Part of what makes our construction management firm different is that we have an extensive background in construction, management, and safety design. You can count on Menotti Enterprise to walk you through the entire process, from supervision all the way through closeout. See for yourself how Menotti goes about construction management in Queens.

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OSHA Training

Is your team in need of OSHA training but you aren’t sure where to go? At Menotti Enterprise, we provide a number of clients with access to OSHA courses. See how our instructors can help expand your knowledge of fall protection, scaffold safety, lead awareness, and more.

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Work With The Best Risk Management Firm In Queens

Don’t settle for anything less than top-of-the-line risk management services!


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