Recently, there has been an increase in the number of workplace accidents in the construction industry. OSHA has reported that the primary cause of these accidents is the violations of work-safety procedures. Because of the inherent dangers of working in construction, these accidents can have severe consequences. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that construction companies take their safety guidelines and procedures very seriously. One great way to build a culture of safety in your construction company or on your worksite is to hire a safety consultant to help increase safety and safety culture in ways that are relevant to your industry, location, and employees.

How Can Hiring a Safety Consultant Help Your Company Manage Risk?

Safety consultants specialize in knowing which safety guidelines and procedures are relevant to each industry and have credentials that support this knowledge. After working on dozens of major construction projects here in New York City and the surrounding area, Menotti Enterprise excels at helping your company create a culture of safety that will keep your employees, clients, and passers-by safe from the dangers inherent in a construction site. Contact us today to see how we can help you save money by managing risk and preventing accidents.

Tips to Maximize Safety Culture in Your Company

Assess Safety Prior to Planning

It’s important to implement safety into every stage of your projects including and even preceding initial planning. Hiring a safety consultant can help you manage safety paperwork as well as helping you assess your current safety protocol and seeing what can be improved.

Creation of a Safety Committee

One common problem many companies face is that the people in charge of planning projects do not have proper communication channels with the people. By instating a company-wide safety committee with members from every level, you can ensure that potential problems and concerns that may not be apparent at a higher management level are still being addressed and mitigated. Having a third party safety consultant sit in on or advise on these committee meetings can also be an invaluable asset when attempting to increase safety protocol in your organization.

Implementing Weekly Safety Examinations

When employees know that there will be frequent check-ups to ensure proper safety protocol, they will be more vigilant at enforcing said protocol. This can also lead to employees helping each other by reminding their coworkers when they notice unsafe behaviors. This leads to a culture of safety that you should be striving for in your workplace.

Safety Culture is Good for Your Bottom Line

Companies that have adopted a culture that encourages safety over everything else consistently outperform companies that do not enforce good safety practices. Safety consultants are well versed in what makes a company safe and they know which practices work well. The safety consultants at Menotti Enterprises can help you build a custom plan to best enforce safety and cultivate an environment where safety thrives among your employees. Call today to see how we can help you achieve your safety goals.