Many construction workers fail to utilize proper fall protection for different reasons. It could be that setting up a ladder or harness takes too much time, and they can get much more done in a day if they bypass the proper safety precautions. Whatever the reason, the sad truth is that of the 1,008 deaths in construction in 2018, 338 were due to falls without proper fall protection. Falls on a construction site are a serious risk and should be treated with the utmost severity. If you are looking for ways to make your work sites safer for your employees, call Menotti Enterprises. We provide New York City construction companies with safety consultations and other services, and we can help your business find solutions that will fit your needs specifically.

Fall Protection Training Tips

Because we care about the safety of construction workers in NYC, we want to share some simple but effective safety tips that you can begin implementing on your construction site to reduce the risk of fall-related injuries.

Enforce Use of Proper Fall Protection Equipment

Fall protection was the most common OSHA violation in 2019 with over 6,100 citations across the United States. By ensuring that your employees are always in accordance with OSHA fall protection standards, you can keep them safe while also eliminating the risk of getting cited with an expensive OSHA violation. By making fall protection equipment other precautions an expectation, you can create a culture of safety that your employees will be happy to buy into.

Identify Potential Risks

Provide your workers with proper fall training where you review what equipment is necessary and when. You should also go through the work site with your employees and identify any areas that have potential fall risks and set the expectation that working in those areas without proper fall protection will not be tolerated.

Regularly Inspect Equipment and Machinery

Machines and equipment are prone to wear and tear due to frequent usage. This can pose a serious safety threat if not properly managed. By having a machinery malfunction on a construction site, you place everyone around at risk of injury or death. It is very important to maintain your machinery and replace worn out safety equipment regularly. Always ensure your safety equipment and machinery are in perfect condition before starting work.

Understand the Use of Guardrails

One excellent way to prevent falls is by being vigilant about placing guardrails in areas that need them and setting the expectation that guardrails are to always be set up when necessary. Make sure your employees know when and where placing guardrails is required in your fall training. By not setting up proper guardrails, the risk of falling shoots up significantly. This is an easy solution that when overlooked can cause accidents that could have easily been prevented.

Have Fall Plans in Place

It is important that employees create proper and updated fall plans that will help them to know the necessary steps to take in the case of accidental falls. It’s important to reduce the risk of falling as much as possible, but it is equally important to train your workers on how to handle a fall on the worksite. This is aimed at reducing the possible effects of the fall. By training your employees on how to properly respond to a fall injury, you can potentially reduce the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Hire a Safety Consultant

Every construction site is very different, and each will come with it’s own unique safety risks. By hiring a construction safety consultant you can ensure that your worksite is safe and that you aren’t missing any potential hazards. Contact Menotti Enterprise to see how we can help your employees reduce the risk of falling on the job.