An Overview Of Our Risk Management Services

At Menotti Enterprise, we understand what all is at stake with your next project. Whether your project falls within the government, education, retail, commercial, or residential sector, you can count on Menotti for unmatched guidance.

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Risk Management

We are often asked why it’s important to invest in risk management services. Here’s the thing: By taking a proactive approach and getting ahead of potential risks, we can limit the violations, stop work orders, insurance premiums, and legal fees associated with your project. Ask Menotti Enterprise about site safety management, fire safety management, OSHA audits, and more.

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Construction Management

Keep in mind that Menotti Enterprise has been there and done that when it comes to construction management. We are an invaluable resource whether you’re facing minor renovations or a $1 billion program. Menotti has you covered from supervision all the way through closeout.

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Safety Design

It’s our job to construct your project in a way that does not compromise the safety of the public, workers, and nearby property. In terms of safety design expertise, you can’t go wrong with Menotti Enterprise. We are happy to put together site safety plans, DOT logistic plans, and other safety related drawings based on your project needs.

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Work With Brooklyn’s Best Risk Management Team

Why risk a safety dilemma getting in the way of your next project? Choose Menotti Enterprise!