An Overview Of Our Risk Management Services

Menotti Enterprise is well-versed in a number of construction project types including the government, education, retail, commercial, and residential industries. Our contractors pride themselves on reducing clients’ liabilities during each phase of construction.

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Risk Management

A proven risk management firm such as Menotti Enterprise can save your team time and money. By working with Menotti, you can worry less about stop work orders, insurance premiums, legal fees, and safety violations. Our risk management services include site safety management, fire safety management, and concrete safety management.

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Construction Management

Whether your project entails just a few minor renovations or a $1 billion program, turn to Menotti Enterprise for construction management. We will be there for every step of the way, from initial supervision and coordination to scheduling and closeout. Start the process today and give us a call.

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Safety Design

It’s one thing to go about projects in an efficient manner. It’s another, though, to do so without compromising everyone’s safety. We encourage you to ask our safety design team about site safety plans, DOT logistics plans, and more.

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Choose Manhattan’s Preferred Risk Management Firm

At Menotti Enterprise, “exceptional” is always the standard. See for yourself what makes us the No. 1 choice for site safety and management in NYC.


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