At Menotti Enterprise, we specialize in risk management, construction management, and OSHA training services. Our team is also well-versed when it comes to safety design. We take the time to counsel our clients in how to go about their projects without compromising the safety of the public, their workers, and property.

Obviously, safety design plays a major role in the overall success of your project. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to ask about the following:

  • Sife safety plans
  • Tenant protection plans
  • Construction site fire safety plans
  • DOT logistics plans

Why Choose Menotti?

There are lots of safety design firms in the NYC area. Not many, though, go out of their way to exceed client expectations. At Menotti Enterprise, we do things differently than our competitors.

For one thing, we are independently owned and operated. We treat our clients like family and do everything possible to move your project forward in the most efficient manner. Of course, if you have questions along the way, simply ask and we will answer them in a way that’s easy to understand.

Through the years, we have taken on projects in a multitude of industries, ranging from government and education to retail and commercial. Menotti Enterprise has been there and done that in the safety design industry.

Our focus is simple: Identify any on-site hazard, prevent any potential incidents from taking place, and mitigate potential construction delays down the road. You can count on the Menotti team to reduce all associated liabilities during each phase of construction.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every safety design firm is the same. For uncompromised safety and quality, turn to the professionals at Menotti Enterprise.


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