As a company, The Menotti Enterprise team has sought to offer the highest level of site safety certifications. Menotti Enterprises greatly values the safety and organization of our teams to ensure the utmost efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement of your projects.

Why Choose Menotti?

Menotti Enterprises is the standard for risk management in NYC. We are certified by both the state and city of New York as well as “Service Disabled Veteran Owned” and “Minority Owned” Business Enterprise. We have extensive and in-depth safety management experience in a variety of fields. We specialize in the following: risk management, construction management, OSHA training, safety design, and expediting. Finally, Menotti offers an unsurpassable amount of integrity with each project we manage.

How Can Our Certifications Help Your Team?

The services that Menotti Enterprise has to offer are quintessential to the success of your projects. Our risk management services can help provide processes and solutions to help identify and address any risks while implementing a plan to prevent future ones. Our construction management team can support with supervision, coordination, pre-construction, scheduling, and closeout. In addition to risk management and construction management, Menotti Enterprises also provides clients with access to various OSHA courses. Lastly, our team can provide you with safety design professionals who will construct projects with the safety of the public, your workers, and your property in mind.

About Menotti Enterprise

At Menotti Enterprises, safety is of high importance. Our team consists of thoroughly licensed:

  • Safety managers who offer comprehensive management systems designed to manage safety elements.
  • Fire safety managers who understand fire code, ensure that your project meets safety requirements, and ensures that fire equipment is working properly.
  • Construction superintendents who run the day-to-day operations on your construction site
  • Inspectors who analyze, monitor, and approve your projects based on city adherence

Rest assured that Menotti Enterprises strives to prevent and reduce all associated liabilities of our clients during all phases of your construction process. This is our standard starting from pre-construction all the way to project closeouts. Should you choose to invest in our expertise and services, we will passionately offer you the best experience possible. It is for this reason that we hold communication and timeliness as a high priority. We are confident that we can add value to your construction project.

The Menotti Enterprise team has more than 100 years of combined experience working on some of New York City’s most prestigious buildings. As an independent family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for clients. Take a look at some of our certifications.

Certification List