In 2008, a new NYC Department of Buildings passed a law that requires special inspections be performed on all construction projects. Just four years later, they further tightened the requirements. These mandated inspections can only be performed by a DOB registered Special Inspectors agency, such as Menotti Enterprise.

Keeping your project’s schedule running on time and on budget takes an organized and productive team. Choosing Menotti is the first step toward ensuring that your construction work meets the quality standards you expect and complies with all building codes.

Our Special Inspections include an inspection of selected materials, equipment, installation, fabrication, and placement of components and connections. Such inspections confirm compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards required by NYC building codes.

All testing is done through Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. (CTL Labs) in their Bronx, New York facility. CTL Labs is an independent material testing/inspection agency that has provided services for clients since 1958. Their labs have been inspected and accredited by CCRL, AMRL, IAS, and the Army Corp of Engineers. All testing is completed in accordance with the NYCDOT, NYCDOB, ASTM, AWS, ASME, API, AASHTO R18-921.

Our Process

  1. Review drawings/specifications – We begin each project with a thorough review of the drawings and specs. From there, we identify the Special Inspections required for a project and lists those inspections on the TR-1 form.
  2. Perform field inspections – Special Inspections are conducted throughout the construction process to verify all work is being done in accordance with the specifications and code compliance. This allows owners to obtain an occupancy from the city.
  3. Witness testing – Conduct on-site witness testing to ensure all building components perform properly and work in conjunction with the required specifications.
  4. Reporting – Throughout the construction process, we will produce reports and bring all nonconforming items to the immediate attention of the contractor for correction.

Your Dedicated Risk Management Team

Menotti Enterprise is a family-owned and operated construction site safety firm in NYC. Part of what makes us different if that we are certified by both the state and city of New York as a “Minority-Owned” and “Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned” business. In short, our goal is to prevent and reduce clients’ liabilities during each phase of the construction process, from pre-construction to closeout.

In addition to Special Inspections, Menotti Enterprise can assist with risk management, construction management, OSHA training, and safety design. Get started today.