SST Card Issuance

Menotti Enterprise LLC. is a DOB-approved Site Safety Training Provider and authorized to issue the mandated Temporary, Limited, Worker, and Supervisor SST Cards. TSCTA can issue your SST Card regardless of where you completed your training*.

To request an SST Card

Download and complete the SST Card Application and SST Credit Card Authorization Form.

  • Download form in ENGLISH, or
  • Download form in SPANISH|ESP

If you’ve completed ALL your Safety Training at Menotti Enterprise LLC within the last five years, email your completed application to to complete your submission.

If you’ve completed some or all of your training with a provider other than Menotti Enterprises LLC, you must submit a copy of your course completion certificates or cards along with the completed form. Documents must be in either PDF or JPG format and cannot exceed a total of 10MB. Email all materials to


Please allow up to 5-8 business days for verification and processing.

Processing time to verify training taken with a provider other than Menotti Enterprise LLC may vary.

*All training must be verified prior to SST Card issuance. Refunds may not be issued if an application is denied.

Proof of Identity & Address

Know before you go.

Prior to issuing an SST Card, the DOB requires Providers to verify an applicant’s identity through a point system.

Please review the document found on this link, and ensure you have all necessary proof-of-identification and proof-of-address documents prior to picking up your card.

OSHA Attestation Form for Online Training

Local Law 196 (LL196) mandates that any online training completed on or after October 17, 2017, be actively proctored.

Menotti Enterprise LLC will only accept completion certificates for online training completed on or before October 16, 2017. Individuals presenting Certificates of Completions or other documentation as proof of their online training will be required to sign a document attesting to having completed the training on their own and according to the actively-proctored requirement under LL196.

Click here to download the form.


Online Verification System allows workers to easily upload and authenticate training documentation to be used while ordering a SST Card. After completing your order a physical and virtual card is generated that can be scanned at any time to display your current card status and specific training certifications.

Stay in compliance with the new rules regarding NYC SST Cards.

Local Law 196 requires all construction and demolition workers working within the five boroughs to receive a minimum of 40 hours of training while supervisors will be required to receive a minimum of 62 hours of training. The training received must be courses which have been selected by the NYC Department of Buildings and must also be received from an authorized SST Training provider. Follow these 3 easy steps to get your site safety card, also known as the NYC DOB SST Card:


What You Need?

By December 1st, 2019 all supervisors must have one of the following:

SST Supervisor Card

By December 1st, 2019 all workers must have one of the following:

Temporary Site Safety Training (SST) Card
Limited Site Safety Training (SST) Card
Full Site Safety Training (SST) Card

By September 1st, 2020 all workers must have one of the following:

Full Site Safety Training (SST)
Temporary Site Safety Training (SST) Card

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Register for Free
  2. Upload any current training certifications, you already have.
  3. Find out which SST Card you may already qualify for.
  4. If you already qualify for the card you have chosen, you may order that card.
  5. If more training is needed, sign up for the appropriate classes.